Metal or Asphalt Roofing System?

So you’re probably wondering which roofing system would be best for your home. You’ve come to the right place. These two materials are very popular and each has their advantages and disadvantages.  Functionality is important but it also depends on personal preference.

There are many sub-types of roofing systems but this chart will outline the basics of a Metal or Asphalt Roofing System:

Which is Better: Metal or Shingle Roofs?
Metal is best for…Asphalt shingles are best for…
DurabilityLower Labor Costs
Resistance to ElementsDIYers
Painting and SealingUniformity with Neighborhood
Resale Value
Energy Efficiency

Cost Effectiveness

  • Metal roofs cost an average of $4,500 to $11,500 including installation and materials.
  • Labor itself averages $300 to $500 per square and $4,500-$7,500 for a 1,500 square foot roof.
  • Asphalt shingle roofing costs $2,000 to $10,000 for installation and materials.
  • Longer-lasting options tend to range higher, between $11,000 and $14,000.
  • Labor costs around $2-$3 per square foot, $200-$300 per square and $3,000-$4,500 for a 1,500 square foot roof.

Longevity of Materials

Another important consideration is the longevity of the materials. How soon will you be replacing your roof again?

  • Metal: about 60-70 years.
  • Asphalt: around 20 to 30 years. Heavier or laminated products can last 25 to 40 years.

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